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Current Index of SPMC Paper Money Articles (Category: Depression/Panic Scrip) (27 Articles) (May 20, 2024)

Cat Access PMYear PMMonth PMWhole# Article Title (with Article link) Author(s) State Town
DeprSc Public 2018 Sep/Oct 317 Townsend Test Scrip During the Great Depression Gatch, Loren
DeprSc Public 2018 July/Aug 316 Kristenstad - A Texas Utopia (Depression Scrip) Clark, Frank TX Kristenstad
DeprSc Public 2017 Sep/Oct 311 Circulating in Traverse City (Depression Scrip) Gatch, Loren
DeprSc Public 2014 Sep/Oct 293 Chicago’s Panic Scrip of 1907 Gatch, Loren
DeprSc Public 2014 May/June 291 Chattanooga Depression Scrip Schafluetzel, Dennis;
DeprSc Public 2012 July/Aug 280 Tax Anticipation Scrip During the Great Depression Gatch, Loren
DeprSc Public 2010 Sep/Oct 269 Central City, CO Today: The New Local Currency, TITOS Noll, Jim
DeprSc Public 2010 May/June 267 The Daily Princetonian Scrip Yakes, Jamie
DeprSc Public 2009 Nov/Dec 264 The Modern Local Currency Movement in the U.S. & Canada Gatch, Loren
DeprSc Public 2009 Mar/Apr 260 The Professor and a Paper Panacea: Irving Fisher and the Stamp Scrip Movement 1932-1934 Gatch, Loren
DeprSc Public 2008 Nov/Dec 258 Homegrown Laramie, WY Scrip Helped Relieve Unemployment in 1933 Huntoon, Peter
DeprSc Public 2008 May/June 255 Labor Exchange Scrip: the Christian Exchange of Detroit, MI Whitfield, Steve
DeprSc Public 2007 Nov/Dec 252 Labor Exchange Scrip Whitfield, Steve
DeprSc Public 2006 Nov/Dec 246 Oklahoma's Emergency Currency of March 1933 Gatch, Loren
DeprSc Public 2001 July/Aug 214 A Singular Specimen: Emergency Currency of 1907 Horstman, Ronald;
DeprSc Public 1998 Sep/Oct 197 G. B. DeBernardi and the Labor Exchange Movement Whitfield, Stephen
DeprSc Public 1991 Nov/Dec 156 The 1907 Nome Clearing House Issue Sheehan, Thomas
DeprSc Public 1983 Sep/Oct 107 A Remembrance of Hard Times Past (Panic of 1907) Horstman, Ronald L.
DeprSc Public 1980 Nov/Dec 90 A Contrasting Pair: Two North Dakota Scrip Auctions Daniel, Forrest
DeprSc Public 1979 July/Aug 82 The Wyandotte Rolling Mill and the Panic of 1873 Kemp, Charles V.
DeprSc Public 1978 May/June 75 Philadelphia Clearing House Certificates Hoober, Richard
DeprSc Public 1974 May 51 Payroll Scrip -- Panic of 1893 Lloyd, Robert
DeprSc Public 1974 January 49 Park Labor Scrip, Wahpeton, North Dakota Daniel, Forrest
DeprSc Public 1972 Fall 44 The Clearing House Currency of Portland, Oregon Mantz, Carl
DeprSc Public 1972 Summer 43 Highland, Illinois Challenges the Depression Burgett, Maurice
DeprSc Public 1972 Spring 42 The Chelan-Townsend Test Fund and its Checks Vanderwende, George
DeprSc Public 1966 Winter 17 Bank Holiday Scrip of Carrington, North Dakota Daniel, Forrest