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The SPMC Paper Money Articles Index provides online links to all 2600+ articles that have appeared in the Paper Money Journal since the first issue in 1962. Each article is a separate pdf document for easy viewing or download.

If an article was published in the last five years, SPMC membership login is required to view the article. All other articles are publicly available.

Each index entry includes two links:

  • A link directly to the article, which will display the pdf file for that article in your browser.
  • A link to the appropriate issue of the Paper Money Journal on the SPMC website, where SPMC members can view/download the complete issue pdf file to view all of the articles in that issue.

Listed below are links to index pages for each of the 16 article Categories, as well as an index page listing all of the articles. The index listings can be sorted based on any column, and the index page can be easily searched to help locate articles you are interested in.

New articles will be added to the index pages as each new (bi-monthly) issue of the SPMC Paper Money Journal is published.

If you have problems viewing any of the articles, or find any articles that are listed under the wrong category, please email spmcwiki@gmail.com