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Current Index of SPMC Paper Money Articles (Category: MPC) (9 Articles) (May 20, 2024)

Cat Access PMYear PMMonth PMWhole# Article Title (with Article link) Author(s)
MPC Public 2016 Sep/Oct 305 AAFES Pogs Myers, William
MPC Public 2016 Sep/Oct 305 Fractional MPC, A Venture into a New Collecting Area Bolin, Benny
MPC Public 2016 Sep/Oct 305 Investigation of the Populations of MPCs Known in Collectors’ Hands Chambliss, Carlson R.;
MPC Public 2016 July/Aug 304 An Historic Moment in MPC Collecting Schwan, Fred; Boling, Joe
MPC Public 2000 Sep/Oct 209 An Unexpected Find of Series 471 MPC Notes Allen, Harold Don
MPC Public 1995 July/Aug 178 Buck Starts Here: Intro to MPC Hessler, Gene
MPC Public 1977 Sep/Oct 71 Project Turnkey - An Interesting MPC Kashin, Seymour
MPC Public 1976 May/June 63 MPCs/AMC: Are They U.S. Paper Money? Schwann, Fred
MPC Public 1969 Spring 30 The United States Military Payment Certificate Story Toy, Raymond