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Current Index of SPMC Paper Money Articles (Category: Postal Notes) (12 Articles) (November 12, 2022)

Cat Access PMYear PMMonth PMWhole# Article Title (with Article link) Author(s) State Town
Postal SPMC 2020 Nov/Dec 330 Small-Town U.S. Postal Note Rarities Halland, Kent; Laub, Bob
Postal SPMC 2019 Mar/Apr 320 Rare Postal Note from Sitka Alaska Surfaces Halland, Kent; Surasky, Charles
Postal Public 2016 Nov/Dec 306 A 131-year-old Mystery Solved ! (Type II Postal Notes) Halland, Kent; Charles Surasky
Postal Public 2016 Jan/Feb 301 Roslyn, Long Island, New York, An 1883-1894 Postal Note Timeline Laub, Robert
Postal Public 2008 Nov/Dec 258 Redeemed Postal Notes: Great Rarities Surasky, Charles
Postal Public 2006 Sep/Oct 245 Postscript to Postal Note: Fractional Currency Schemes After 1890s Gatch, Loren
Postal Public 1993 Sep/Oct 167 The First and Last Postal Notes 1883-1884 Surasky, Charles
Postal Public 1985 July/Aug 118 Rare Territorial Postal Notes Located Surasky, Charles
Postal Public 1974 May 51 The United States Postal Note - Part IV Bruyer, Nicholas
Postal Public 1974 March 50 The United States Postal Note - Part III Bruyer, Nicholas
Postal Public 1974 January 49 The United States Postal Note - Part II Bruyer, Nicholas
Postal Public 1973 Fall 48 The United States Postal Note - Part I Bruyer, Nicholas